Love for our planet

Looking back at younger Vanessa I can see that I always had a passion for making this world a better place. I believe in the beautiful and magical world that surrounds us and I just can't imagine it any other way. I look at my children and I see all of their wishes, desires and reasons for being here. But then a sense of worry comes over me. I worry that there won't be a planet for them, or that they won't be able to experience any of the amazing and beautiful things that there are to experience on Earth. 

I read an article in a magazine about Eco anxiety just a couple of months ago and it hit me. I have had eco anxiety for years now. It changes from a sense of 'I have to do more' to a sense of 'why isn't everybody worried about this' to complete fear and anger. 

What I have realised is I do make a difference and I have a purpose. My purpose is to make this world a better place. I am here to love life and the beauty of living and I want to spread that and share it with everybody that I can. 

The most beautiful way of doing this is through my business. Every choice I make around my business I make sure is following my ethos. I make beautiful and cosy candles that are made from consciously sourced materials and packaging. They are a natural way to scent your home without any chemicals or toxins. 

That is why I decided to partner with reforest nation. With every order placed a tree is planted. While buying a candle or wax melt that is 100% natural, packaged in recyclable, biodegradable, or re-usable materials you are also planting a tree. It is creating a whole other eco conscious shopping experience. I really feel passionate about that. I believe you can have a beautiful product that is decorated with lovely dried flowers, crystals and that smells amazing while also making a decision to shop consciously in a way that can benefit our beautiful planet. 

With all of this I realised that my business allows for you to also make a difference. That together we can make an even bigger difference. That we can create a better world and in doing so a brighter future. 

Vanessa xxx